SACQSP-CPD in brief

The CPD system is administered by the SACQSP in terms of it’s obligations under ACT 49 of 2000

If you are a SACQSP registered quantity surveyor you need to:

  1. Comply with the annual CPD requirements : if you are a registered professional quantity surveyor you need to spend a minimum of 10 hours on Category 1 activities. All courses on this website are approved category 1 activities. You may also claim a maximum of 15 hours spent on Category 2 activities such as self-study, teaching, mentoring of candidate practitioners, etc. Click here to read the policy.
  2. Anually submit your CPD compliance : Registered professional quantity surveyors in South Africa are required to record their CPD activities annually. This is a two-step procedure. (a) go to the SACQSP website and enter the CPD credits in the certifications tab in your Profile/Manage profile (you need to be signed in to access your profile) then (b) go to the CPD-section of the SACQSP website to upload the certificate you obtained from EduTech-GoLearning.
  3. Re-register every 5 years :CPD runs in 5-year cycles and all registered professional quantity surveyors will be required to apply for renewal of registration at least 3 months prior to the expiry of their registration. The first date of compulsory re-registration was 31 March 2008.
Continuing Professional Development


The South African Council for Quantity Surveyors introduced a system of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for all quantity surveyors registered in terms of the Quantity Surveyors' Act (36 of 1970), effective from 1January 1999.

The EduTech-GoLearning JV was formed to assist in the delivery of content to all ASAQS members but especially those who, due to their geographical location are precluded from attending the seminars and workshops organised by ASAQS.

CPD Policy :

In March 2007 the Continuing Professional Development System was overhauled and a new policy document was published changing the system from a points based system to a time-based CPD system. The policy is published in PDF format and Acrobat Reader should be installed on your computer. To get the free Acrobat Reader click here.

During August 2012 the policy wording was explicated to remove ambiguity in the policy.

In November 2013 the policy was updated with some important changes.

In March 2015 the policy was again updated. An important omission from this revision was that mentoring no longer attracted any CPD points. Hopefully this will be rectified soon.

The following documents can be downloaded from the SACQSP website.

Continuing Professional Development Policy
Pro-forma for personal CPD records (Form QSCPD)

The minimum time required to be spent on CPD activities in each year totals 25 hours of which a minimum of 10 hours should be spent on Category 1 activities such as provided by the courses on EduTech-GoLearning and a maximum of 15 hours can be accumulated on Category 2 activities such as self-study, organised group discussions, in house skills training, etc.

Registered persons who are practising abroad should meet the same requirements as those in South Africa and will not be granted deferment. Documentary proof of compliance with CPD requirements in any particular country will be accepted for CPD accreditation purposes in South Africa.

Submission of CPD certifcates, forms, etc.

You can do most of what is required online on the SACQSP website.

Log in on the SACQSP website and update your CPD hours on your profile.

Use the form under the CPD section on the SACQSP website to upload your CPD certificates.

OR you may use the old-fashioned way by posting, faxing or e-mailing your forms to:

SA Council for the Quantity Surveying Profession, 
PO Box 654,
Halfway House, 1685
Fax : (011) 312 - 2562
E-mail : administration@sacqsp.co.za

Should you have any questions regarding the CPD system please don’t hesitate to call the SACQSP on (011) 312 - 2560.


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