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Create an account and register for free on EduTech-GoLearning. Even if you do not purchase a module we will keep you informed of CPD-matters and new course modules.


Once you have created an account you will be able to log into the restricted section of the EduTech-GoLearning website where all our courses are listed and from where our courses can be purchased online.


After purchasing a course you will see it added to your home page in the password-restricted area of this website. Clicking on the course-link will take you to a page which contains the resources and quiz for that course. Download and study the material before attempting the online quiz or test.


Obtain a score of 60% or higher and you will unlock a EduTech-GoLearning CPD certificate. Print out the certificate, insert your SACQSP number, sign the certificate and make an electronic copy for submission on the SACQSP website. Enter the CPD credits in the certifications tab in your profile on the SACQSP website.

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